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NACHI - National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

All homes and buildings no matter how old can have a problem that could possibly jeopardize the safety of the occupants or leave the buyer with unwanted costly repairs. For this reason it is very important to have a very thorough inspection of all the systems and components that are involved in the construction of a building before you may make one of the largest investments of your life.

Knowing the existing condition of your investment is on the line. We let you make those crucial informative decisions which are based on years of actual home building experience.

We give all clients an impartial, unbiased evaluation of the building before you purchase.

The dedication we have to our clients will let you understand all the aspects of the inspection. We explain very clearly any concerns which could be present in a building and also explain the options that are available to correct them.

There are a multitude of problems in which we come across everyday that most home buyers might not think are important. For instance a shingle missing. Yes, replacing a shingle or installing a new roof might be what you planned by looking at obvious deficiencies that could be present.

Using this as an example, think what could have happened to the roof sheathing the shingle was attached to and the other components under and below. Water runs down hill and will travel under the rest of the shingles.

The roof sheathing is a very expensive building component to replace. The roof framing could be deteriorated from moisture intrusion. What may have happened to the insulation in the attic if rain water has been penetrating the roofing? These are just a few examples of what we see daily that most people are not aware of. Any of the problems we find can be corrected with money if that is what you may have planned, but purchasing a home and finding out that you might have to spend thousands of dollars after the fact is a scary thought.

We are professional Arizona certified home inspectors and consultants with decades of building and inspection experience combined with current building knowledge that will allow you to make intelligent decisions. All inspections are performed as if we were buying the property ourselves and exceed the standards adopted by the state of Arizona chapter of ASHI. The American Society of Home Inspectors standards of professional practice.




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