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The builder saved money, they installed half the required insulation.

Buyer Beware…!

Flipped Homes I have inspected through the years generally have so many amateur installations they take as long if not longer to inspect than a Short Sale or distressed Bank Owned property. Most short sale or bank owned homes have an incredible amount of deferred maintenance. These items can be clearly visible before any repair or upgrades are made, but not always visible to untrained eyes.

Investors buy these homes at public auction, trustee sales, or from the current distressed home owner at a discounted price to avoid bank foreclosure. A flipper tries to hide or repair items as cheaply as possible, to make as much profit as possible. This is not the time to hire a cheap inexperienced Home Inspector.

You should expect to pay more than the average fee many inspection companies charge. Our fees are higher than other home inspection companies, we earn this fee by saving you possibly thousands in needed repairs or safety upgrades. We also utilize the science of thermography, thermal imaging, to discover hidden defects in flipped homes.

Anyone buying a Flipped Home should hire a very experienced Home Inspector. We understand where to look for life threatening amateur installations found at most properties, rehabbed by unlicensed amateur contractors investors hire to save as much money as humanly possible to get the home back on the real estate market.

Time is money, most home flippers just want to sell the house regardless of the care necessary to remodel a home correctly, safely, in a professional workmanlike manner. It absolutely amazes me the reckless dangerous life threatening remodeling being done by amateurs I find.

Items I routinely find in flipped homes.

1. Wood Rot, Caulked-Painted.

2. Painted air conditioners which look new, but are actually 20+ years old.

3. Roof coverings partially patched by an amateur so they look nice from the street, but leak like a sieve.

4. Single strand aluminum wiring spliced to copper wire by an amateur (Fire-Hazard).

5. Interiors freshly painted to hid the roof leaks (until it rains again), then they apply more paint.

6. Plumbing leaks at newly installed Fixtures.

7. New Receptacles wired incorrectly, reverse polarity, and/or lack of Ground.

8. GFCI Receptacles not wired properly, will not disconnect electricity as designed.

9. Slow Drainage at Fixtures.

10. Windows with broken Sash/Balancers.

11. Flues Venting Carbon Monoxide into the attic or garage (Potentially Life Threatening).

12. Dryer Vents plugged solid (Fire-Hazard).

I could add another 100+ items, these are a few deficiencies commonly found at Flipped Homes.

Buyer Beware….!

I don’t just look around, I inspect every property like I’m buying it myself.

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An inspection by Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc. is an excellent idea before the one-year anniversary (which is the time period for your builder’s express warranty for construction defects). You need to know, however, that your builder’s liability for construction defects extends beyond the builder’s express warranty, inasmuch as a builder in Arizona has liability by implied warranty for construction defects. The time period for any breach of this implied warranty by the builder is six years after discovery of the construction defect, but no more than eight years after completion of the home. In other words, if a homeowner discovers a construction defect after three years, and the builder refuses to repair the construction defect, the homeowner will only have five years to file a lawsuit against the builder for the cost to repair the construction defect. The protection of this implied warranty cannot be waived and is available not only to the original purchaser of the home, but to all subsequent purchasers of the home. Note: The Registrar of Contractors has jurisdiction over construction defects up to two years after completion of the home. The Registrar of Contractors cannot award monetary damages, however, but can only take administrative action such as revocation of the builder’s license.



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