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The flat roof is excessively deteriorated from lack of proper maintenance.

Arizona Home and Commercial Building Inspectors.  Inspectors who continually strive to maintain our reputation as the most thorough inspection company in Phoenix, by combining our expertise with attention to detail, service, and satisfaction.  This is our commitment to you, our client.

What is a Professional Inspection?

The American Society of Home Inspectors standards of practice were adopted by the state of Arizona as the minimum scope of a professional home inspection.  These standards are your assurance of completeness of coverage of the substantive physical components that make up your home.  Arizona certified inspectors are required to pass a comprehensive examination and follow a code of ethics that prohibits a conflict of interest, by doing an unbiased inspection.

Arizona certified inspectors are also permitted to exceed these Standards both in depth and scope, depending on the inspector’s knowledge, experience, and business practice.  We regard the Standards as a definition of minimum-scope for an inspection-an assurance that you’re not hiring an inspector who knows a lot about roofs but omits a careful examination of electrical wiring or plumbing.  For this reason our inspection and report exceed these Standards, and you have unlimited future consulting with us after the inspection should you have any concerns about your property.

Finding and Choosing a Qualified Home Inspector

Before choosing us to inspect your property ask what credentials are necessary to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection possible, our experience and background of this unique profession, our experience in construction, and what background we have with hands-on experience in construction, engineering, architecture, and construction management. Why are we members of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  These questions we will gladly answer for you, and any others you may have.

At the Inspection

We will find items in need of repair.  Even the finest homes built with the best components and craftsmanship are subject to effects of human error, imperfect materials, weather and wear.  Our careful, comprehensive inspection of any property, brand new or 100 years old will reveal items needing attention.  Our findings generally range from minor to significant.  Virtually all building defects can be corrected, we explain in detail options which are available.

After the inspection you will know the answer to these questions:

  • What needs to be repaired?
  • What’s unsafe or causing rapid costly damage?
  • What are the priorities of repair?
  • What repairs may involve significant costs?
  • What are the risks of hidden damage?
  • What are the repair alternatives?
  • Who should perform them?
  • What repairs should be priorities in your circumstance?
  • What further investigations are most appropriate?

Why Use a Professional

A professional, objective report of condition identifies significant deficiencies, reduces costly surprises, reduces anxiety, increases homebuyer or homeowner confidence of the property, and sets priorities for action.  Detailed advice also helps prevent future costly repairs.  Our experienced full time Certified Inspectors will make your home buying experience a knowledgeable one.  With all these things in mind give us a call today to schedule your inspection!


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